We implement IT solutions on the most powerful cloud platforms

Our 10-year experience in the field allows us to have a unique approach, closely related to every client’s specific needs. Our team of specialists has practical experience in the development, implementation and migration of applications on top Cloud platforms through our Bento Cloud Implementation services. Our implementation services help clients quickly reach their business objectives for using the Cloud model and turning capital expenditure into operating expenses. The Bento Cloud Implementation Services will assist in planning, assessing the current system, building, validating and verifying the quality of the applications.

We deliver a wide range of solutions:

Infrastructure as a service

Fast allocation - in just a few clicks - of the computing resources of a virtualized server, with a custom configuration that adapt to the specific needs of each client.

Platform as a service

Dedicated Cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, delivered as dedicated or shared work environments, which can be customized to the specific requirements of existing software applications.

Software as a service

Use of Cloud applications that include a web interface, such as Microsoft SharePoint Online, OptimumDesk or Google Docs, with a view to quick adoption.

Storage as a service

Use of Cloud storage - such as DropBox or OneDrive - to improve collaboration, to store and access documents securely, from anywhere and using any device connected to the Internet.

Communication as a Service

Increasing employee productivity and organisational agility through the use of unified communications solutions, hosted in a data center, like Microsoft Skype for Business/Slack.

Some of the beneficiaries of our Bento Cloud Implementation Services