More than just a simple Filed Service Management application

Plan optimal routes and reduce time for work completion

Bento Field Service Management allows you to manage the activity of your field resources efficiently and in real time. It will help you plan optimal routes and anticipate the exact delivery time, while allowing you to bring last-minute changes , in line with employee preferences and the employment legislation.

Bento Field Service Management consists mainly of an integrated central system for planning and tracking orders and mobile applications dedicated to field operators. This application consists mainly of an integrated central system for planning and tracking orders and mobile applications dedicated to field operators.

It will help you efficiently manage field work, automatically issue and fill in any type of specific documents (work orders, stock updates, contracts, checklists, invoices), generate reports automatically, reduce costs and increase users productivity and customer satisfaction.

Key benefits

Increases employee productivity by 30%

Reduces travel time by up to 60%

Increases the company's sales through up-sell and cross-sell offers

Increases the number of work orders that are completed daily in the field by technicians

It makes it possible to deliver services within 2 hours

Optimizes allocated routes in real time and reduces fuel costs

Maximizes the efficiency of field technicians

Reduces the number of unresolved incidents

Predictive analysis - “what if” scenarios


Routes on the map / dispatch

View daily routes in real time and allocate tasks based on proximity of resources.

Working time management

Check in real time hours worked and the associated costs.

GPS location of mobile devices

Real time monitoring of teams activity and their location in the field.

Fast route planning

Assign the work by priority to the competent teams with just a few clicks.


Schedule, assign and reassign activities to field teams by “drag&drop” in Gantt/Buffer.


Access the work-specific forms, history paperwork, online from any mobile device etc.


You’re constantly getting your business pulse through a set of 20 pre-defined report types.


You bill quickly through a customizable billing process, directly from the field.

Inventory tracking

Monitor in real time, field teams stocks to have a clear image of their inventory.

Bento Field Service Management

Bento Field Service Management has been designed from the very beginning, to enable more efficient service  business activities, and help complete them on time and error-free.




Assigning the right technicians to the right work, correctly


The dispaching app ensures you send the right people, to the right job, at the right time, with outstanding results.
Correct assignment of technicians by work type and skill-based, helps increase incident resolution rate from the first call, reducing interventions time and so, growing the company’s profitability.
Also, allows its administrators to do quickly changes to predefined configurations without the need for application developers intervention.
Dispatchers can visualize on the map, in real time, the exact location of technicians teams in the field, along with their status – available, on the way, on a break. Also, they can preview, for each team, the position on the map of the works scheduled in the near future.
Through the new Drag and Drop in Gantt and Drag and Drop in Buffer functions, the urgent works or the new ones,can be assigned faster by dispatch to the most appropriate team – the one that is closest and which is also available.

By interfacing Bento Field Service  with SAP or any other ERP system, the automatic task retrieval it’s allowed and displayed, in real time, on the dispatchers screen, to be assigned more easily to competent teams. Also, the status of completed works in the field is automatically transferred back to the ERP system, eliminating the need for manual operations.


The mobile app is designed for mobile devices held by direct users. It seamlessly integrates functions or other apps, as authorized at company level, while preventing their use other than as initially intended.

Filed Service technicians, need quick access, from any device, anytime and from anywhere, to the details of assigned works. Through the mobile app, you can increase the efficiency of the services provided by the technicians and improve customers satisfaction.

Designed from the ground up, in particular for teams of technicians distributed in the field, the mobile app of Bento Field Service offers an intuitive interface, with access based on credentials and with predefined work scenarios for each order.

Technicians are working much more efficiently based on execution scenarios or steps defined in the back office and displayed on mobile devices. This way, gives you the certainty that the percentage of solving orders from the first intervention is as high as possible and that the information collected in the field are registered correctly and completely, so it can be used as a reference in future interventions.

Another feature of the Bento Field Service mobile app, allows optimizing routes based on scheduled commands and GPS or address coordinates.

The most powerful utility companies in Romania use Bento Field Service Management