You can now manage your silos in an efficient manner and you can track grain stock properties using Bento Granar

Bento Granar simplifies and automates storage and management of grain stocks in silos. The software carries out simple and intuitive monitoring of reception, laboratory, grading, sieving, fumigation, drying, aeration, storage and delivery of grain. Through integration with grain moisture analysers and granolysers, the grain is automatically graded based on its characteristics, thus eliminating all manual work, which is both expensive and time-consuming.

It features a pre-set list of items

Bento Granar has a pre-set list of items (Wheat, Corn, Feed Barley, Malted Barley, Triticale, Sorghum, Soy, Rapeseed, Yellow beans, Sunflower, Durum wheat), each item having pre-defined properties required for qualitative monitoring, from reception to delivery. Integration with truck or rail weighing scales enables better speed of registration and issue of the scale ticket, as well as rapid entry of item properties in the lab.

Tracking of legal documents

Silos owners can easily track all required legal documents, from the creation of the Supporting Administrative Document, to billing of specific storage operations. Thanks to its advanced contract management module, Bento Granar automatically issues monthly invoices, in consideration of storage days and conditions.

Bento Granar is the ideal solution for grain silos management, providing valuable real-time information about the amount of grain stored, the type and quality of the grain, storage costs, handling or shipping costs. All in a modern, simple, easy-to-use application.

Operational benefits

It reduces the time and costs

related to grain grading by over 80%.

It eliminates the possibility of theft

by automating weighing - full and empty.

It reduces by up to 20% the energy used

to ensure optimal storage humidity.


Provides quick information

concerning the place of storage, consignment batch, grain type and characteristics.

Enables automatic grading

of grain by integration with specific lab equipment

Centralises and simplifies

management of documents pertaining to grain storage

Preserves full traceability

for grain batches by registration of the input analysis form and of the output analysis form.

Manages the reduction of foreign bodies

for grain batches by registration of the input analysis form and of the output analysis form.

Allows mixing several compatible batches

of the same item in the same cell, in pre-set conditions, thus achieving homogeneitys.

Automatically calculates perishability

during storage, handling and transport, in accordance with applicable laws. All operations are carried out according to the laws in force.

Ensures automated weighing

,of any grain leaving storing, by interfacing with a broad range of scales specific to road or rail transport.

Ensures observance of legal requirements

in force with regard to weighing scale tickets and stored grain grading. It records storage certificates to determine any change in ownership.

In line with the legal requirements,

it manages all goods stored, through the Supporting Administrative Documents.

Issues invoices automatically,

based on contracts, and it tracks and sends notifications with regard to due dates.

Integrates quick and easily

with any ERP software, any Accounting software and other applications.

Allows printing of weighing

scale tickets the receipt or delivery BCAs, stock status reports per lot or grade.

Records storage certificates

to determine and track any change in ownership over time and notify when necessary.

Bento Granar is a solution developed together with Siloz Carani, the largest logistical hub for agricultural products in Western Romania, with a storage capacity of 170,000 tonnes and a reception/ delivery capacity of 5,000 tonnes per day. Our product covers real work processes, that are specific to silos owners storing grains from partners. However, it can easily be adapted to specific flows as required by any grain or silo owner.