Get configuration speed, scalability and standardization of IT infrastructure services, through the Bento Infrastructure Automation Service Package

The multitude of applications installed on user systems is become ever more challenging for software application standardization. In organisations running operations in several countries, standardization and tracking compliance with company standards is becoming a mandatory requirement that IT departments must respond to, with maximum efficiency.

Advanced Automation Tools

Over the past 10 years we have been developing and perfecting the Bento Infrastructure Automation Services, to automate configurations and audit system compliance with company standards (at user, department, division or organisation level). This package is based on advanced automation technologies such as KUBERNETES, OPEN SOURCE, CHEF or PUPPET.

These tools allow any organisation to get a comprehensive, consolidated overview concerning compliance with infrastructure standards, as well as to get daily status, through automated audits, that provide relevant information.

Technologies that we use:
Benefits for the Client

We create ‘networks’ at computing system level, at server lever or at app level. The networks may cover a single new system or a whole site, in case a company decides to set up a subsidiary in another country. These networks significantly decrease configuration time for local systems, and also provide subsequent monitoring compliance with group standards. This way, we provide operational coherence within security parameters, eliminating human errors. The solution completely eliminates all time-consuming: manual updates, application configurations, access rights, service packs installation at server or work station level.

Some of the beneficiaries of the Bento Infrastructure Automation Service