Maintain your IT infrastructure at optimal parameters and minimise the impact of network incidents through the Bento IT Service Desk Service Package.

Infrastructure IT

E-mail service interruptions, Internet connection interruptions, or any kind of incidents at the level of the IT infrastructure can cause huge financial damages, interruptions of operation and damage to the reputation of any brand. According to an IHS study published in 2017, infrastructure failure in average-sized companies with a turnover of over $100 million and 500 employees cause damages estimated at $1 m annually, while big corporations with over $1 billion and 10,000 employees estimated losses of $60 million annually as a result of such failure. 40% of the causes behind these losses are attributed to technical incidents at the level of the IT infrastructure, while 25% of the causes are attributed to service providers or human errors, and only 10% are attributed to cyber attacks.

To minimize the impact of incidents involving the IT infrastructure, Bento has developed the IT Service Desk Package, which covers the installation, configuration and management of the IT infrastructure, as well as consulting services, for the purpose of defining appropriate solutions for architecture, design and IT processes. Bento IT Service Desk is available 24/7, and it is already used by companies both in Romania and in the USA.

Real-time tracking and monitoring of the performance of the IT infrastructure

This service involves real-time tracking and monitoring of the performance of all IT equipment and infrastructure within an organisation. Bento IT Service Desk includes automatic conversion of incident e-mails into tickets, ticket management, automatic routing towards specialists to resolve an incident, prioritisation, automated take-over or resolution notifications, as well as monthly reporting of incidents at user, department or company level.

Proactive client site visits

Optionally, Bento IT Service Desk can conduct proactive client site visits, with pre-determined frequency, time limit for intervention and settlement depending on incident type, automatic back-up to minimise impact in cases of force majeure, as well as prevention techniques trainings for the clients’ employees.

Benefits for the Client

A single point of contact to resolve a technical incident

An intuitive interface for tracking the settlement of reported incidents

An increase in productivity, minimized IT infrastructure downtime

Proactive IT infrastructure performance monitoring visits

Reports at user, department or company level

An SLA-guaranteed resolution time guaranteed

Unlimited client site interventions

Remote multi-language IT support, 24/7

Incident management – identification, categorisation, prioritisation, diagnosis, escalation to a higher level of expertise – if necessary, resolution, closure, notification

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