Prevent the occurrence of network infrastructure incidents, through the Bento Network Management Service Package.

Network infrastructure consists of all hardware and software resources that allow connection, communication, operation and management of the IT infrastructure. The network infrastructure ensures communication and exchange of services between users, processes, applications and the external network/internet. The importance of permanent operation within optimal parameters of the network infrastructure has lead to the development of the Bento Network Management Service Package, optimised for companies of any size and complexity.

The Bento Network Management Service is available 24/7 and allows monitoring of the network, identification of problems in real time and prevention of incidents with major impact on the operation of the IT infrastructure.

Benefits for the Client

Administration of users registered within the network.

24/7 monitoring of network performance.

Service-level agreement

Monitoring of applications installed at network level.

Reduction of interruptions of operation at network level.

Specialised training for the client’s administration team.

Network maintenance to prevent the occurrence of incidents.

Update and patch implementation services.

Some of the beneficiaries of the Bento Network Management Services