Romania is the first country in Europe and the sixth country in the world in terms of the number of IT professionals per capita, before countries like the United States, the UK, Germany or Canada. The presence of global players such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Oracle, Wipro, S&T, Accenture, Intel, Luxoft, Ubisoft or Amazon, confirms Romania’s potential in the field of IT outsourcing. Romania has many cultural similarities with Europe or the United States. Over 80% of IT professionals speak English, along with many other international languages. Moreover, Romania is the second country in Europe in terms of the number of foreign languages spoken. Discover some of the reasons that make Romania one of the most attractive outsourcing destination in the world.

Why Romania?

A sector with constant growth

The number of software development companies has tripled in the past decade. Today, there are more than 17,000 registered companies in the software industry in Romania.

Diversified, highly skilled workforce

Romania won more mathematics and computer science competitions than any other European country, being ranked third in the world, after Russia and China.

Top academic education Over 100 universities

There are over 5,000 computer science graduates annually, graduating from 5 institutes of technology, 59 universities and 174 colleges. The IT industry absorbs 8,000 graduates every year.

A strategic sector for the Romanian Government

The IT industry has doubled its revenue in six years, reaching EUR 5 billion in 2017. The IT industry contributes with 6% to Romania’s GDP, currently being one of the top 3 sectors with the highest growth dynamics.

Excellent time zone and optimum infrastructure

Romania is separated by a two-hour difference from any European capital, and it is the nearshoring destination of choice for Western markets. There are airports and motorways to all major IT centres.

Romania has managed to attract the majority of global IT players

Romania currently has about 50 offshore centres owned by the main global players. Over half of these centres provide BPO services, 30% are IT services centres and about 20% are R&D centers.

Why Bento?

Fast delivery

We use Agile methodology and, together, we monitor each stage of the project. We guarantee observance of the agreed time, cost and quality parameters.

High level of expertise

We have been developing turnkey software applications for over 10 years. Our developers are certified and ready to take on the most complex projects.


We provide full visibility over the project, from the very first day. We provide you with all information about the status of development. In real time.

Attention to details

We understand problems, because we ask questions. Then, we use our creativity and our energy to exceed expectations.

We use the most modern platforms and technologies

We have a solid expertise in a variety of technologies used in web-based and mobile solutions, as well as in designing and monitoring modern architecture and infrastructure. Added to that, the expert skills and knowledge of our business consultants, will ensure that we deliver robust, secure and reliable products.




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