Optimise your current IT resources and reduce operating costs, through the Bento Virtualization Solutions Service Package.

Simplify your IT infrastructure

Virtualisation is a modern solution, already adopted by large companies of all sizes. With virtualization, it is possible to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single server or computer, no longer requiring allocation of a dedicated server for each service, like in the case of a traditional approach (e-mail server, web server, telephony server, ERP or CRM application server, etc.).

Reduce Your Costs

Virtualisation simplifies and reduces the costs of all administration, copying, backup or deployment activities. Some of the advantages of virtualisation are: reducing the consequences of interruption in certain applications, increasing flexibility and scalability of the IT infrastructure, increasing the availability of technical resources, as well as advances possibilities of securing data or data recovery.

Bento provides complete Virtualisation and Private Cloud solutions, both at the level of desktop systems and at server level. At desktop level, a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solution allows you to create an agile infrastructure, capable of quick scaling to adapt new capabilities. Some of the benefits of the VDI solution include:

At server level, virtualization enables consolidation of all applications in just a few physical servers, which offers advantages in terms of cost, space and energy savings:

Better valorisation of existing resources

More efficient server allocation

Cutting maintenance costs

Increased scalability and flexibility/strong>

Reducing energy consumption

Some of beneficiaries of Bento's virtualization solutions