Cloud migration is carrying out after conducting a pilot project on a limited set of applications. The aim of the pilot project is to limit the risks, in order to understand impact and to draft the business and financial reasons concerning Cloud migration. Bento provides two migration strategies:

Lift and Shift

A lift and shift strategy involves mapping and migrating the current architecture in the Cloud, without any re-design of the current architecture. Basically, the current infrastructure is migrated as it is. The main benefit is eliminating maintenance costs pertaining to traditional systems and applications. Since the architecture is not re-designed, this greatly decreases the time and cost of migration. However, this method will not give you the benefits of a Native Cloud Application.

Migrare PaaS

A Platform as a Service (PaaS) Migration – using dedicated Cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS – will give you all the benefits of a flexible, scalable architecture, with availability guaranteed by contract and with highly advanced mechanisms for data security and data recovery. In addition, this will ensure a work environment at the highest standards, used by over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies.

Why we recommend Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a modular collection of integrated Cloud services, built for financial efficiency, results and speed. The platform offers tools such as data analysis, processing power, databases, mobile solutions, communication, storage and web solutions, with the help of over 50 modular tools delivered from data centers managed by Microsoft. These are some of the benefits brought by Microsoft Azure:

Perfect integration

with existing resources, through the largest network of dedicated connections, hybrid databases, storage and encryption solutions.


Every bit of information is replicated three times, which would be extremely expensive using traditional hardware solutions.


Azure is built for any kind of projects, from development tests, to global product launches.

Global reputation

Over 66% of Fortune 500 companies have chosen Microsoft Azure.

Some of the beneficiaries of our Bento Cloud Migration Services