You can now ensure continuity of customer communication and loyalty programs in line with the new GDPR

The entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the 25th of May brought about real challenges for all companies that interact directly or indirectly with individuals.

Meeting the requirements of the GDPR implies a complex and demanding process of obtaining data subject consent regarding the use of personal data, identifying and mapping this data to particular business activities, and setting customer acceptance policies. Implementation is particularly difficult when it involves hundreds of thousands, or even millions of users.
The Bento GDPR Ready software solution is the answer to growing demand for companies with a large number of customers, running loyalty programs.

Line up quickly with the new European regulations using the Bento GDPR Ready solution!

The Bento GDPR Ready solution can be easily adapted to suit the particularities of any client in the retail industry and it is designed to inform loyalty card holder and potential customers about the GDPR, about any country-specific terms and legal conditions, and to request permission regarding personal data use. It is built using .Net Core technology with Mobile Extension developed in Angular. Bento GDPR Ready can quickly connect to any database and it allows integration with any ERP, CRM or BI applications.


Fast implementation, in just 5 easy steps

Bento GDPR Ready allows fast registration – in just 30 seconds – both for new loyalty card holders and for validation of existing card information, directly in stores, in line with the GDPR requirements.
After validating or updating the identification data, using the application, each user is able to express consent with regard to the legal terms and conditions, but also with regard to the processing and use of their personal data for commercial purposes. If a user declines, the application automatically submits a command to the Backoffice system to delete the user’s data, while previously informing the user in the Front Office interface that this option will result in a loss of loyalty and discount points or campaign discounts during promotions. The entire process is carried out in just a few quick, simple steps thanks to the OCR function, which automatically scans and collects data from identification documents, such as: identity cards, passports, driving licenses or other documents, based on each company’s need, and transfers this data between front office and back office. Bento GDPR Ready is, therefore, a simple, easy-to-use solution that provides transparency to the process of registration or loyalty program enrolment and records customer options regarding the use of their personal data in keeping with the new GDPR policy.


Scan the loyalty card directly from the main screen.


Validate customer last name to proceed.


Enter data to register a new loyalty card.


Obtain user approval to receive commercial offers.


Accept & register the T & C for card activation.


An elegant device, located in stores, easy to use.

Operational Benefits

Automatic data logging and storage

of user consent for personal data processing and usage

Rapid validation and quick registration

through optimisation of OCR of documents and integration with back-office systems

Compliance with the GDPR requirements

by registering each user's consent to the use of personal data


Mobile device extension

to run the process directly in user interaction points

Optimised OCR Function

to process scanned data from identity documents within 30 seconds

Integration with back-office systems

for recording, quick mapping and automatic validation of data collected

Posibilitate derulare proces in interfata web

pentru procesarea si validarea datelor din orice loc, in orice moment

Integrated barcode reader

for fast validation of existing loyalty card information

Registration of user acceptance

concerning legal terms and conditions, promotions, or other types of campaigns