We provide comprehensive mobile app development services for any type of device. We cover any requirement – from conceptualization and business analysis, to interface design and user interaction experience, from actual code development, to testing, maintenance and technical support.

Flexible Work Model

You can require specialised resources to work alongside you and under your coordination, or, together, we can analyze the appropriateness of a customized development project, enabling us to deal with all project phases, in accordance with an agreed plan.

Mobile Application Development

Bento Mobile
UI & UX design

We develop prototypes, mock-ups and interfaces for mobile applications. We specialize in a wide range of approaches, from the simplest and cleanest interfaces to the use of extremely sophisticated controls and menus. Regardless of the approach, we make sure that the product delivered meets the most demanding expectations and uses the most modern practices to create unique end-user interaction experiences.

Bento Mobile App Development and Testing

We are always up-to-date, using the most modern methodologies in mobile app development. From conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping to development, testing, maintenance and technical support – we provide total transparency during every phase of project development. We can add functionalities to current applications or we can assist in integrating current applications with third-party solutions.

Bento Mobile App Maintenance

All mobile applications we develop get maintenance and technical support after launching in production. We make sure that each project is permanently updated with the latest technologies and that it works in optimum parameters. We also provide technical assistance, back-up and technical support in optimizing performance on new versions of Android or Windows released by the manufacturers.

Why Bento?


Since the emergence of smart phones and Internet-connected devices, we understood the advantage of having information available anytime, anywhere. We have been developing mobile applications for almost 10 years.

Business Know-how

Having developed a large number of mobile applications in very diverse fields, gives us a profound understanding of how fast access to information from anywhere is critical to supporting business.

Expertise and seniority

We use the most modern technologies and methodologies in mobile app development. The average seniority in our company is more than 5 years.

Time to market

We understand our clients’ urgency and rush. Because we are aware of the business impact of these applications. We provide the highest quality in the shortest time, according to the agreed project planning.