Bucharest, 11.05.2018 – Bento, a custom software development company, announces the launch of its GDPR ready software solution as a result of increasing requests by companies with numerous customers, running loyalty programs for hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers.

The entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the 25thof May brought about real challenges for all companies that interact directly or indirectly with individuals. Meeting the requirements of the GDPR implies a complex and demanding process of obtaining data subject consent regarding the use of personal data, identifying and mapping this data to particular business activities, and setting customer acceptance policies. Implementation is particularly difficult when it involves hundreds of thousands, or even millions of users.

Bento developed the Bento GDPR Ready app – a solution that can be easily adapted to suit the particularities of any retailer, designed to inform loyalty card holder and new customers about the GDPR, about any company-specific terms and legal conditions, and to request permission regarding the use of personal data, according to the regulations becoming effective at the end of May.

The Bento GDPR Ready App is built based on .Net Core technology, while the mobile extension is developed in Angular. The app can connect to any database, it allows quick integration with any ERP, CRM or BI application and is available in two versions: the mobile version – through the use of mobile devices at headquarters and in all customer interaction points, and the Web-based version. The mobile version allows quick registration of new loyalty cards, in 4 easy steps, directly in store, using the Tablet, or validation of existing cards by simply scanning them, in line with the GDPR. To simplify the process, the app features OCR functions, which allow the system to scan identity documents – ID cards, passports, driving licences – data validation taking a maximum of 30 seconds. In the app, users can tick the consent box, thereby accepting the existing terms and conditions and the processing and use of personal data for commercial purposes, thus observing all legal requirements in force.

“We wanted to respond in particular to the needs of retailers, who have already have issued hundreds of thousands of loyalty cards. If they do not align quickly with the new regulations, user data will need to be deleted, which means huge efforts and costs for re-enrolment. Our solution, together with one of the most powerful pharmaceutical retailers, simplifies enrolment for both new customers and re-enrolment for existing customers, in compliance with the new legal provisions. In the background, the app maps the collected data and records them automatically, so that receipt of the customer’s consent concerning the use of their personal data can be supported at any time.” – Dan Giusca, BentoSoftware Arhitect.

More information about the Bento GDPR Ready solution is available at www.bento.ro/bento-gdpr-ready.