"Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I do not think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other." Bill Gates

Innovation, creativity and speed of implementation are just a few essential ingredients for success when it comes to business digitalisation.
Driven by constructive curiosity and native inclination towards technology, a team of young enthusiastic professionals came up with a creative response to these challenges, through the Bento concept. Bento is a development lab for software solutions which aims to transform ideas, concepts and needs into products perfectly adapted to the requirements of each client.

10 years later

With vast experience in software development and IT infrastructure services, Bento has gained significant knowledge through complex implementations in multinational companies in Romania, the USA and Austria. For this reason, Bento is more than just a software solution vendor: Bento is primarily a consultant with a detailed understanding of inclusive processes, critical applications and information flows in organizations of any size.

Romania and the United States

Bento provides comprehensive solutions through its complementary departments for analysis, prototyping, development, testing, implementation and maintenance. The company delivers a perfect mix of business knowledge, technical expertise, development methodology and financial flexibility. Bento is a team of over 55 specialists who provide comprehensive, customized solutions that can be applied in any industry.

The management team

An enthusiastic team will put all their energy and creativity to work for your benefit

BENTO Services

Software Custom – IT Services – Outsourcing

Custom Software

Turn your ideas into robust, modern software products, perfectly adapted to your needs

Cloud Service

Discover our cloud consulting, implementation and migration services

IT Services

Adopt the most modern solutions for IT infrastructure standardization, optimization and monitoring


Create your own development team, with the desired level of experience and technical skills

Our Clients

Here are just a few examples of companies that have placed their confidence in the quality of the Bento solutions.
The growing number of new clients through referrals makes us certain that we’re doing our job right.