Talent Acquisition & HR Specialist

Talent Acquisition & HR Specialist

Talent Acquisition & HR Specialist

Career level: Entry (1-2 years).

Job Type: Full-time.

Location: Bucharest.

What kind of attitude are we looking for:
• Responsibility: Ability to proactively respond, take action and seek solutions to daily challenges;
• Ability to work comfortably and diplomatically across departments within a medium sized entrepreneurial environment;
• Ability to manage uncertainty;
• Ability to self asses performance;
• Out-of-the-box approach to solving challenges;
• Be accountable and able to receive feedback as it is aimed to your professional improvement;
• „Intellectual Curiosity”.

What should you bring to our team:
Human skills (you have them or you are willing to develop them on the job):
• Ability to manage and communicate emotions. Desire to grow emotionally;
• Ability to manage emotional response to stress factors;
• Ability to take a pause between stimulus and response in order to create space for rational thinking and/or emotional cooldown;
• Ability to handle, organize and resolve multiple queries; Good planning, prioritization, organization & time-management skills;
• Good negotiator, facilitator and mediator, knows when to speak and when to listen;
• Good planner, prioritization & organization, time-management skills;
• Strong interpersonal skills in order to communicate with multiple stake holders and influence them according to your objective.

Hard skills:
• Minimum 2 years work experience;
• Minimum 1 year experience in sourcing candidates using different sourcing channels (e.g. social platforms and professional networks);
• Technical expertise with an ability to understand and explain job requirements for IT roles;
• At least 3 hires in IT Infrastructure roles & 3 hires on software development roles;
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office;
• Bachelors or Masters degree;
• Good communication abilities in English;
• Knowledge of IT infrastructure and software development technologies.

Would be a plus:
• Bachelor’s degree in technical field (Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Engineering etc);
• Experience working with JIRA.

What you’ll do:
Talent Acquisition responsibilities:
• Provide end-to-end recruitment process starting with sourcing, phone screening, HR Interview, maintaining communication with the candidate and facilitating following interviews, mediating the debrief sessions at the end of the interviewing process towards a final decision;
• Develop and maintain a strong pipeline of qualified candidates, through various channels by utilizing LinkedIn Recruiter, specialized job boards, social networks, referrals, career events, networking initiatives or any other means;
• (Learn to)Negotiate and manage the complete offer process by partnering with hiring managers/ team leads, senior management, HR Manager;
• Develop and maintain relationships with third party recruitment agencies and staffing firms.

√ For your Talent Acquisition role, during your first 6 to 9 months at Bento you will get full support from an experienced IT Recruiter with more than 4 years experience and 20 closed positions.

HR Specialist responsibilities:
• Support and facilitate performance evaluation process;
• Support and implement HR aspect of teambuilding and other company events;
• Support in supervising that HR policies are respected;
• Support in creating and managing work context management (policies, rules, procedures e.g. work from anywhere policy);
• Support in creating HR financial and non financial reports to management.

√ For your HR Specialist role you will get full support, coaching and mentoring from your HR Dept. Manager with more than 8 years experience in Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Executive & HR Management.