IT Services

IT Services

IT services that keep you ahead. IT services that keep you focused on what matters most. IT services that are more flexible than ever.

Keeping up with IT, digitization and infrastructure trends in today’s dynamic scene is a serious challenge. Finding the sweet spot and optimal ROI is critical. You can easily overdo it and you can easily be left behind. On top of all this, operating your own IT team can be a tricky

This is where we step in…

IT Service Desk

Level 1 & 2 support for everything IT, suited to your organization's culture. A single-point-of-contact for your users and for your customers. Include and deliver exceptional IT customer-centric service.
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Systems Administration

Virtual, physical, on premise, in the cloud, hybrid // Small, big, enterprise // Monitor, prevent, react // Our sys admins can handle anything any organization can throw at us, from small scale boxed solutions to large, redundant, critical systems. Outsourcing system administration delivers instant ROI.
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Managed Network Services

We design, deploy and operate networks of any size and any complexity to serve any purpose. We focus a lot on security and availability.
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Virtualization Solutions

Become flexible and more efficient. Optimise your IT resources and reduce operating costs by running virtual environments with our help.
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Cloud Hosting Services

Get immediate access to the storage and processing capacities you need to streamline your business without investing into hardware that will become obsolete. Match your infrastructure costs to your evolving needs without any long term commitment.
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Data Center Consolidation

Optimize hardware resources while ensuring availability and reduce energy and maintenance costs by implementing modern data center consolidation technologies with us.
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Infrastructure Automation

Efficiently manage services and applications across networks and multi-cloud domains by getting configuration speed, scalability and standardization of your IT infrastructure services.
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Cloud DevOps

Automate and speed-up releases, eliminate deployment errors, improve the quality of code delivered and be one step ahead of the competition. Maximize your development potential by integrating cloud based DevOps.
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IT Outsourcing

Become agile and free to scale and transform your organization in today's dynamic business environment by letting go of operations that are not your core business. Outsource all IT operations to Bento and achieve your potential for flexibility.
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Microsoft SSCE
√ Microsoft Certified Solution Expert: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure
√ Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Azure Solution Architect
√ AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate
√ Certified Information System Security Professional
√ VMWare Certified professional
√ HP Accredited Systems Engineer
√ Cisco Certified Network Professional
√ Cisco Certified Network Associate