We are actively and responsibly involved in charitable projects, seeking to create a positive impact on society.

We aim for our business to act as a tool to do good and to build a safer, better and more sustainable world.
We strive to enhance the company’s values and to be socially responsible.

Sustainability is essential, both to the success of our business and to the growth of the communities which we live in.
We want our CSR work to make a difference and to help contribute to the growth of the communities we are supporting.
Helping vulnerable people, treating them with fairness, dignity and respect should be the norm.

We believe our involvement will help each association achieve the ideals it stands for.

Habitat for Humanity fights for decent housing for people in vulnerable communities. Like Habitat for Humanity, we strongly believe that everyone has the right to a warm home, which is why we try to support them in their projects in Romania. The year 2022 was a year full of beautiful projects among which Habitat for Humanity volunteers built 12 homes from scratch in 2 disadvantaged communities, inaugurated an educational centre dedicated to vulnerable children, completed a quadruplex for less fortunate families, supported Children's Villages towards gaining energy independence and through the rehabilitation and energy efficiency of a building and provided support to refugees in Ukraine. In 2023 almost 20 colleagues were actively involved in the renovation of the BufKids social canteen dedicated to children from vulnerable families, working for a day to insulate the walls of the building. We are glad to have been able to join them in these endeavours that offer hope and joy to those who need it most.
A healthy mind in a healthy body. We believe that sport brings many benefits to the harmonious development of children, which is why from 2022 we have started supporting Stefan Birtalan Handball Club. In this way, we encourage the younger generation to discover the pleasure of playing a team sport, guided by the multiple Olympic and world medalist Ștefan Birtalan. The Ștefan Birtalan Handball Club Association started its activity in 2016, with Ștefan Birtalan senior, Romania's most medalled handball player, double world champion, 3 times Olympic medallist, European Champions Cup winner and project coordinator, assisted by Ștefan Birtalan junior, Challenge Cup winner and master of the sport, responsible for coordinating training. Based on the motto From Play to Performance, the aim of the project is to attract as many children as possible to handball and to contribute to the selection and training process for high performance.
From 2024 we are supporting the Helix robotics team because we want to support education and passion for technology among young people. Founded in 2018, the Helix team brings together young high school and middle school students from Braila. The team is composed of 9 members, including 7 students and 2 mentors, passionate about technology and robotics, who want to combine technical knowledge with a passion for this field. The team won first prize for innovation at the national First Tech Challenge in 2023 and have ambitious goals for 2024.
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Because we strongly believe in the potential of young people and technology, from 2024 we support the robotics club of Elena Cuza National High School - BlueSpace Robotics. This is a robotics club made up of 11th grade students who are driven by the motto "Creativity through computer science", their goal being to develop their skills in a creative and educational way.
In the competitions and projects they participate in, students aim to translate their passion and interest in the technological sphere into useful robots for society and we are happy to support them in this endeavour.
As community involvement has always been a priority in our social responsibility efforts, since 2024 we are supporting the Association of Future Communities. The Association of Future Communities was established in 2022 to conduct educational activities and to prepare communities and their members to respond creatively to future social, technological and economic changes.
The Association's vision is of a better world in which community members use new technologies and innovative ways of working and organizing to develop communities in a sustainable, inclusive and resilient way. Thus, the association comes up with solutions for communities to develop sustainably and harness local potential, which Bento aims to support with practical knowledge from the technological area.
Starting in 2022, we support Envisia, the first business school in Romania dedicated to board members, C-suite executives, and highly skilled specialists targeting these positions.
Envisia's mission is to promote responsible corporate governance and build a strong community of professionals, through education programmes of international quality standards - MA Board Practice and Directorship, in partnership with Henley Business School, and the Effective Board Director Programme, in partnership with the Bucharest Stock Exchange, mentoring and consultancy services.
Envisia also offers a full range of masterclasses, short courses and international certifications, covering a wide range of topics relevant to professionals in the banking and finance sector and other business sectors.
casa buna
The Casa Bună Association started from the belief that every child has the right to an education, a warm home and decent living conditions. Casa Bună volunteers organize both constant educational actions for vulnerable children and one-off mobilizations according to the needs they identify in different communities.
And as doing good is contagious, we share their desire to offer a better life to the vulnerable, which is why we have been with them since 2020.
In 2022, we were happy to join the cause of helping children to get through the cold weather more easily, thus motivating them to continue going to school with pride. Thus, we supported Casa Bună Association to prepare packages of warm clothes and shoes, which reached vulnerable children in Argeș county.
We support young people who do things with passion, which is why, from 2022, we are supporting the ACS Super Time Association and by default Maia, a young girl who is passionate about riding. After just one year of performance, in 2018, Maia won 1st place in the Beginner Athletes category and the National Championship Final for the Children 1 criteria. Since then, the road has led her to hundreds of hours of training and participation in numerous national and international competitions. Maia was Balkan Champion in the Children's category in 2020 and National Vice Champion in 2019 and 2020, along with many podium finishes. The 16 year old athlete aims to compete in 2023 in National Championship competitions as well as international competitions and we are glad to be able to join her in her endeavours to bring Romania to the podiums of this noble sport.