Smart Metering & Energy Management

Smart Metering & Energy Management

Bento EnMS allows you to collect meter data remotely, while increasing productivity and decreasing consumption.

Bento EnMS provides a wide range of valuable tools and solutions for a smarter world of energy. This Smart solution combines both software and hardware, embodying BENTO’s presence in the area of IoT (“Internet of things”).

The system allows remote monitoring of energy consumption and production and of other signals from various sensors. It centralizes and formalizes the information, integrating with third party systems such as ERPs or billing solutions, while analysing energy efficiency.

Why use a Smart Metering app?

Bento Smart Metering correlates energy consumption with financial figures, allowing you to see how much electricity is costing you.

Electricity, natural gas, heating and water companies are gradually adopting smart metering solutions, as an efficient method of tracking consumption throughout their networks in order to better determine infrastructure costs and needs.

Reducing the gap between supply and demand for resources and increasing the reliability of supply are both current challenges in the electricity, gas and water supply industries.

The deployment of smart grids, smart meters and smart metering can reduce resource consumption, help manage power efficiently and optimize resource management.

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Interfacing with ERP or HES systems (SAP, Oracle)
Integration with smart meters that can communicate through standard protocols (Modbus, DLMS, etc.)
Index reading directly to distribution system operators
Real-time reading of the load curve
Remote meter reading without the need for on-site specialised teams
Manual/automatic detection of defective meters to reduce losses*
Manual/automatic meter disconnections*
Secure data communication
Fraud prevention & manual/automatic fraud detection
Manual/automatic change of subscriptions and remote meter calibration
Automatic report generation (concerning consumption, failures, performance)
Print Screen Smart Metering
Bento Smart Metering


Accurate meter reading

Reading and submitting of electricity, gas, water or heat consumption data.

Security of data transmission

Secure transmission of data from meters to supplier, for automatic registration, processing and invoicing.

Unique metering solution

Unique solution for smart, fast metering of utilities, regardless of industry (water, gas, electricity).

Reducing travel costs

Connections and disconnections without the need for on-site specialised personnel.

Bidirectional communication

Transmission of data between relevant parts of the process and systems.

Automatic network disconnections

Automatic disconnection of defaulting customers, to reduce energy consumption.