Bento Granar allows you to efficiently manage in-land silos and grain terminals

Regardless of the size of the silo or warehouse or of their location – inland or port terminals, real-time information about the quantity and quality of stored grain is always required.

This dedicated software application allows you to make the best decisions, stay in control and automate all flows in the silo/warehouse – from arrival to exit of the grains.

Innovate grain storage management

Bento Granar is a warehouse management application for owners of silos, warehouses or grain depots with high storage capacity, located either inland or in port terminals, whose activity involves contract management, allowing them to manage the quantity and quality of stored grains.


How it works

Automation of storage operations

Bento Granar provides real-time data on the quality, quantity and provenance of the grains, as well as on storage, handling and transportation costs.

The application aims to simplify and automate all operations of receipt, storage and management of grain stocks in silos, warehouses or bunkers and to generate all legal documents on grain stock management – BCA, scale ticket, SRC, AJG, stock statements by batches, stock statements by grades, etc.

The application monitors the processes of receipt, laboratory, grading, calibration, drying, gassing, aeration, storage and delivery – all in a simple and intuitive manner. It features a preset list of items – Wheat, Corn, Barley Feed etc. – as well as a list of their properties, required for qualitative monitoring, from the receipt of the grains in the silo, to its delivery to end users.

Integration with specific scales

The integration of the application with scales for road, rail or port transport allows an improved speed of registration and issuance of the scale ticket, as well as rapid input of the properties of the items in the laboratory analysis.

Traceability of grain batches

Bento Granar enables traceability of grain batches – from arrival to exit from the silo and it manages the reduction of foreign bodies during sieving and records the process of natural drying.

The system allows mixing several compatible batches by homogenization and it can calculate perishability of storage, handling, transport and respiration, according to the legal provisions. Bento Granar also allows the printing of scale tickets, BCAs of receipt or delivery, stock status by batches, stock status by grades, etc.

This way, owners of silos can easily track all necessary legal documents, from the generation of the AJG to invoicing the storage operations.

Contract management

Through its advanced contract management module, Granar manages storage contracts – i.e., contracts concluded with grain owners who wish to have their grains stored. In addition, the application automatically issues all calculations required for preparing monthly invoices, based on the number of days and conditions of storage.

The solution is in full accordance with the laws governing the storage of grains in Romania, it is easy to use and highly intuitive.

Bento Granar allows silos owners to easily keep track of legal documents, contracts and to automatically issue invoices for storage operations. In addition, traders can view real-time data regarding the quantity, quality and origin of stored grains.

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It reduces the time required for laboratory tests
It eliminates the possibility of theft
It provides up to 20% reduction in energy consumption
It allows full automation of the reception area
It can be interfaced with several business-specific devices
It increases partners' confidence in the management of their grain products
It allows delivery of up-to-date statements/ reports on grain condition and route
It keeps track of contracts and invoice statuses


It provides real-time information on stored grains
It allows automatic grain grading
It centralizes and simplifies document management
It allows full traceability of batches of grains
It calculates the perishability of the grains in accordance with applicable laws
It provides automatic weighing by interfacing with scales for road or rail transport
It automatically issues invoices based on existing contracts
It automatically monitors and sends notifications concerning due dates
It allows easy and fast integration with ERP applications
It allows printing scale tickets
It records storage certificates to track any changes in ownership
field service management romania fsm