We help you turn your ideas into robust, modern software products, perfectly adapted to your needs. We provide you with a complete team, consisting of project management specialists, business consultants, programmers and testers. The average employee seniority is 5 year, which demonstrates cohesion and determination to provide clever solutions to the most difficult challenges.

We use the most modern platforms and technologies.

We have a solid expertise in a variety of technologies used in web-based and mobile solutions, as well as in designing and monitoring modern architecture and infrastructure. Added to that, the expert skills and knowledge of our business consultants, will ensure that we deliver robust, secure and reliable products.

Development Methodology

We use the Agile methodology for the advantages it provides in terms of code quality, speed of delivery and flexibility in changing requirements during the development process – three of the most appreciated benefits by our clients. We use cross-functional teams that include client representatives to ensure total transparency and visibility during each stage of development – from analysis to delivery.

Start of the Project

The initial discussion is focused on understanding client needs, the type of project, the working environment, and the optimal delivery terms. Together, we can put a general estimation of the efforts, timeline and budget.

Requirements Analysis

This analysis is aimed at drafting a document (business blueprint) as a result of interviews with key users. During the analysis all project managers must validate the purpose of the project. Based on the specifications, testing scenarios are designed, which require approval by the beneficiary, similarly to the specifications.


The role of the planning phase is to make sure that all time, cost and quality parameters are taken into consideration before development is initiated. During the planning phase, the project managers together with the technical teams carry out an in-depth analysis of the development requirements, they clarify all issues and estimate the time and efforts required for implementation.


We allocate resources depending on technical competencies and business skills. We determine and weigh in the risks to monitor (performance, interface usability, solution scalability) and, in the end, we select the technological solutions best suited for each project (database solution, communication protocols, architectures, operating systems). Complex projects may be divided into versions and development sprints.


During the development phase, programmers closely follow all specification in the development requirements. Bento carries out iterative development, keeping the client constantly informed about the status of the project. Modification requests can be solved in real time, while ensuring all transparency required to observe the agreed time, cost and quality parameters. Modification requests can be solved in real time, while ensuring all required transparency.


Each functionality, control, module or application is tested with maximum caution before delivery. We use both manual and automatic testing, to detect any design or development issue. Testing is carried out in a test environment which replicates the production environment. Thus, testing is carried out in a controlled environment, without any negative impact on the client.

Client feedback

The advantage of the Agile methodology is permanent communication between you and the project team, throughout the development process. When all specifications in the terms of reference are validated, an acceptance protocol is signed and the solution is migrated to the production environment. The migration is carried out without disturbance to operation.


We carry out configuration of system parameters, we calibrate the algorithms for the final version, we enter real data in the code tables, we import data from existing system, we conduct user initiation, and we draft the operating procedures. At the end of the deployment, the system is installed on the production environment and the project is operational.


The launch into production marks the beginning of the maintenance period. We monitor the operating parameters of the system. We carry out periodic maintenance procedures, we check and maintain back-up plans, we monitor storage usage, data traffic, and related costs. In case of any issues, we are there to find the quickest and best solutions.

Why Bento?

Fast delivery

Using the Agile methodology, we monitor each stage of the project together. We guarantee observance of the agreed time, cost and quality parameters.

High level of expertise

We have been developing turnkey software applications for over 10 years. Our developers are certified and ready to take on the most complex projects.


We provide full visibility over the project, from the very first day. We provide you with all information about the status of development. In real time.

Attention to details

We understand problems, because we ask questions. Then, we use our creativity and our energy to exceed expectations.

Custom Software Services

Mobile Applications

We develop multi-platform mobile applications with intuitive interfaces, in order to provide our clients with real-time information.

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Web Applications

Develop powerful web solutions quickly and with minimum costs. Give users a modern, latest generation work environment

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