BENTO Management Team

BENTO Management Team

Currently , BENTO has four majority shareholders, who form the company’s strategic planning team.


Radu Scarlat

General Manager, Chairman of the Board of Directors 

Radu Scarlat joins the Company 2 years after its foundation, becoming partner of Vlad Bodea.

Radu is the one who has channeled the experience gained by the BENTO team with the implementation of solutions for the field activity towards the development of its own software product. In this long and complex journey, which involved 3 major implementations in parallel with the structuring of the standard product, Radu gained extensive experience in both operational business analysis and product management.

By taking over the financial management within the Company, Radu managed to structure the mechanisms through which the Company ensures its financial stability, making a substantial contribution to its growth capacity. This focus has given him valuable skills in areas such as risk management and financial planning.

In recent years, Radu has increasingly focused his attention on the development of BENTO. Currently, in addition to his involvement in various operational areas of the company, Radu also oversees the departments: Finance, Administration and Procurement.


Vlad Bodea

Co-Founder, Member of the Board of Directors

Vlad Bodea is one of the new generation of entrepreneurs, passionate about engineering and technology. In his 2nd year of university, Vlad Bodea became co-founder of BENTO, under the formal name that the company still bears today, 2B Intelligent Soft. Vlad’s professional evolution is closely linked to BENTO, as he has gone through most of the roles that have emerged with the company’s development. With the growth of BENTO, Vlad moved away from the technical side, towards the operations and management area. Under his direct coordination, BENTO took the lead in implementing a WFM (Workforce Management) solution for one of the company’s strategic clients. During the coordination of this project, which involved the management of a complex group of IT and non-IT stakeholders, Vlad gained valuable experience in both project management and operational business analysis.

In the last years of BENTO’s evolution, Vlad has increasingly focused his attention on strategic planning as well as internal process management. Currently, in addition to being involved in various operational areas of the company, Vlad also oversees departments: Sales and Commercial, Marketing and Human Resources.


Andrei Cupaciu

Partner, IT, Infrastructure & Cloud Division Director

Andrei Cupaciu has over 21 years of professional experience. His passion for IT has helped him acquire skills in various operating systems, IT security, IT infrastructure automation and Business Critical IT system implementation.

Andrei Cupaciu joined the BENTO team in 2013 bringing his own vision to the long-term development of the IT, Infrastructure & Cloud services area of the Company.

He focused on delivering turnkey solutions based on Public & Private Cloud, IT Automation, Security and Converged IT Infrastructure, as well as expanding the existing team and its competencies. These approaches have contributed to the stable and organic growth of BENTO’s business in the area of IT services. Out of the desire to deliver solutions to customers based on the most modern, reliable and flexible IT technologies, Andrei managed in a short time after joining the Company to coordinate the development of solid business partnerships with the largest technology companies: Microsoft, AWS, HPE, VMWare and CISCO.

He currently leads the IT, Infrastructure & Cloud Division and performs numerous other roles in the Company, mainly in Sales and Business Development.


Dan Giușcă

Partner, Lead Software Architect

Daniel Giușcă graduated from the University “Dunărea de Jos” in Galati, Computer Science Department, and since the beginning of his career he has created dedicated software architectures and business products that have been implemented in many national and multinational companies. His passion for software and the desire to constantly evolve were two major factors that helped him to perfect his skills in technologies such as Cloud Development, Artificial Intelligence, Connected Field Service and Security.

Dan joined the BENTO team in 2013 with the formal organization of the company into two divisions.

Contributing to the formation and development of the Software Development division, he coordinated both the build and implementation of most of the Company’s software projects.

During his more than 10 years with the Company, Dan Giușcă played a key role in the development of Bento Field Service Management, Grânar, Food Manufacturing, as well as numerous custom software applications, thus succeeding in translating customers’ needs into unique software products that facilitate their work and increase their operational efficiency.