Bento Cloud Services – less to worry about, better availability and increased data security

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Bento Cloud Services – less to worry about, better availability and increased data security

Bucharest, 16 July 2018 – Bento, a Romanian company with more than 10 years of experience in IT outsourcing and Cloud services, provides comprehensive consulting, implementation and migration services – Bento Cloud Services. These services are delivered through the most powerful cloud platforms on the market, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon.

The Bento Cloud Services were developed and perfected over the past 10 years, to cover a broad range of consulting, implementation and migration services, required to transition from a traditional infrastructure to a cloud solution. The services are dedicated to companies that lack the necessary expertise to manage cloud services but need guaranteed availability, increased data security and data protection.

Currently, cloud computing offers significant financial benefits to companies in need of additional processing power over limited time periods, reduced time-to-market, guaranteed data availability through full redundancy in terms of power supply and air conditioning, network and connectivity equipment, data replication across different geographic areas, and top security through data encryption. Correct and fast provisioning of IT resources at any given time becomes much easier, through a monthly or annually payment, which allows users to maintain control over their budget and over the managed IT infrastructure.

With Bento’s portfolio of cloud services, using the expertise and skills acquired over time, we wanted to give our clients a quick solution to help them achieve their goals by simply replacing traditional IT infrastructure with a cloud solution, while resting assure that their data is safe. – Radu Scarlat, General Manager, Bento Romania

This allows clients to define the appropriate migration strategy – with the help of our specialists – by auditing the existing IT infrastructure, understanding the types of data processed, and analysing current processes, in order to increase the competitiveness and flexibility of their business. Since cloud migration is a complex task, our specialists at Bento provide each client with a customised migration strategy, to suit their business model. “Lift and shift” involves mapping and migrating the current architecture to the cloud, ensuring a transition with minimal implications on the business. This provides clients with all the advantages of the proposed cloud platforms (compliance with standards such as ISO 270001/HIPAA, availability, security and data protection) in a short amount of time, with no remodelling of their business services. “Migration to PaaS Clouds” is carried out using dedicated platforms – Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS – and it requires a more detailed analysis and remodelling of the business applications provided in the IT environment, in order to complete migration to a PaaS resource.

“Choosing a powerful cloud platform, such as Microsoft Azure, allows us to provide our clients with top cloud services, with seamless integration with existing architectures and flexibility in resource allocation, guaranteed availability, security through data replication in different locations and compliance with the standards in force.” Andrei Cupaciu, Business Development Director, Bento Romania

Since the implementation of a cloud solution differs from one company to the other, and services need to be tailored to fit, a complete cloud service portfolio is required, in order to respond promptly and efficiently to client needs. With an experience of over 10 years in managing and implementing cloud infrastructures, Bento helps clients turn capital expenditures into operational expenses, to protect their critical services through coordination of automatic replication and automatic data recovery in secondary locations. In short: clients have less to worry about, while enjoying increased availability and security of their IT resources.

Bento Romania is a Microsoft Silver Partner with Cloud Productivity and Cloud Platform competencies, with the expertise required to implement cloud solutions and competencies in the most modern cloud technologies on the market.

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