Bento, software solutions developer and IT infrastructure and cloud services provider, becomes an Associate Member of ARIR

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Bento, software solutions developer and IT infrastructure and cloud services provider, becomes an Associate Member of ARIR

ARIR (Romanian Association for Investor Relations), promoter of the Investor Relations (IR) concept, announces that Bento – 2B Intelligent Soft S.A. (BVB symbol: BENTO), becomes an Associate Member of ARIR. The company specializes in the development and implementation of software solutions and the provision of IT and Cloud infrastructure services, listed on the AeRO market from March 2022.

Vlad Bodea, Co-Founder and Member of the Board, Bento:

“At Bento, since our founding, we have been committed to providing the best technology solutions in the industry and becoming a trusted partner for our collaborators. Listing on the AeRO market has reinforced these principles by making a commitment to investors, accountability based on open and transparent communication, and tangible results. By joining ARIR we confirm our dedication to continuous development, open communication and building a solid foundation in the capital market.”

Daniela Maior (Șerban), President and Co-founder of ARIR:

“We are pleased with Bento’s decision to join ARIR, one of the 4 companies that scored the highest in the VEKTOR by ARIR 2023 evaluation in the AeRO market. We see a growing interest from listed companies in this market to implement best practices in communicating with investors, thus motivating us to engage in new partnerships. ARIR is the first Investor Relations education, interaction and advocacy platform in Romania that brings internationally validated standards to the market.”

Bento has 20 years of experience in developing and implementing software solutions and providing IT and Cloud infrastructure services for companies active in multiple industries such as energy, FMCG, utilities, telecommunications, healthcare, agriculture, IT, media, food industry, distribution, transportation and services. The company currently employs nearly 100 people and has a diversified customer portfolio of multinational companies in Romania, the US and Switzerland. Bento also partners with renowned vendors such as Microsoft, HPE and CISCO.

ARIR members are among the largest companies in Romania, which share the common goal of implementing best practices in transparency, investor communication and corporate governance.

About the Romanian Association for Investor Relations (ARIR):

ARIR is the promoter of the Investor Relations (IR) concept in Romania and believes that by adhering to standards of transparency, corporate governance and proactivity in communicating with investors our members will benefit from added value, attract funding more easily, have the reputation and trust necessary for the continued development of their business.
ARIR was established at the initiative of Daniela Maior (Șerban) in November 2018 with founding members Bursa de Valori București (BVB), ALRO, Franklin Templeton Management – Bucharest, Hidroelectrica, Nuclearelectrica, Teraplast, Transelectrica and Tony Romani. Electrica, OMV Petrom, Antibiotice, Purcari, Salt Bank, BRK Financial Group, Banca Transilvania, Transgaz, MedLife, Romcarbon, Farmaceutica REMEDIA, Autonom, IMPACT Developer & Contractor, One United Properties, Transport Trade Services, Patria Bank, Connections Consult, BRD – Groupe Société Générale, Rompetrol, Agista, Mecanica Fină and Bento have joined the community as Associate Members. ENVISIA, RTPR, Mazars and Marsh Insurance – Reinsurance Broker and Dentons became Affiliate Members.

More information about ARIR:

About Bento – Intellectually Curious

Bento, Intellectually Curious (2B Intelligent Soft S.A.) is a Romanian entrepreneurial company specialized in developing software solutions and providing IT infrastructure and Cloud services. Over its 20 years of experience, Bento has developed and implemented complex projects with applicability in multiple industries for multinational companies in Romania, USA and Switzerland. The company has complementary project management, analysis, prototyping, development, testing, deployment, integration and maintenance teams that have the ability to transform ideas, concepts and needs into solutions tailored to the requirements of each individual client. Building on its experience in optimizing and automating operational processes, the company has developed its own software products over the years, such as Bento Mobile Device Management, Bento Field Service Management and Bento Smart Metering solutions. Bento is also a recognised regional partner for renowned vendors such as Microsoft, HPE and CISCO.