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Bento Custom Software – Turn Ideas into Modern Software

Bucharest, 13 August 2018 – Bento is a company specialized in custom software development and IT consultancy with a portfolio that includes tailor-made application development, tailored to address the specific needs and specificities of your organisation.

The Bento development team has the technological capacity and expertise to deliver reliable solutions at every stage of the software product lifecycle – needs analysis, to development, to improvement and ongoing support following project completion.

Over the years, Bento developers have expanded their programming expertise across platforms and technologies (.Net, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Azure, Amazon, ElasticSearch, Android, Angular, Bootstrap, Unix, Nagios, etc.) as well as automated testing and deployment (Jenkins, PostMan and UIPath) with the ability to respond successfully to requests, regardless of the typology of the projects.

Thanks to Bento’s complete team – which includes project management specialists, business consultants, programmers and testers – it is able to deliver fast and efficient ingenious solutions to the most difficult challenges. Whether it is web or mobile solutions, or designing and monitoring modern architectures and infrastructures, we are committed to developing strong, secure and reliable software, enhanced by post-implementation analysis and support services.

Through cross-functional teams, consisting of client representatives and Bento representatives, total transparency is ensured, as well as total visibility during each stage of development (requirements analysis, planning, design, development, testing, feedback, implementation and post-implementation maintenance).

During the analysis of an organisation’s workflows, with the use of prototyping tools such as MarvelApp, InVision, Balsamiq Mockups, Bento creates application simulations, to see whether the projected application matches the client’s vision and whether it is able to meet the identified needs. After this step, the development of the application begins, based on the specifications resulted following the analysis and prototyping phase.

The use of JIRA for planning in the Agile and DevOps methodologies enables the Bento development team to offer its clients three of the most valued benefits: quality of the code, speed of delivery and flexibility in changing requirements during development.

The post-implementation maintenance period starts after the launch into production of the software application and after completion of the training, and it is meant to ensure optimal operation of the solution and client satisfaction. Bento’s post-implementation support services increase the reliability of the implemented solution, but also the client’s confidence that it will get specific responses to any requests, as soon as possible.

Typically, classic standard software applications (ERP, CRM, FSM, SCM, etc.) do not fully cover client needs, requiring flexible connectivity solutions that can simultaneously integrate two or more standard applications. In other cases, companies want tailor-made applications adapted to their requirements, developed based on specifications defined together with consultants, in order to meet existing needs and to facilitate internal activities and flows. Over time, we formed a comprehensive team able to respond to any client request, by using programming languages and cutting-edge technologies in web and mobile solution development. – Dan Giusca, Architect Software at Bento.

You can find out more about Bento’s custom software development services here