Bento Field Service 2.0 was designated the winner of the ”e-Service” section at the annual e-Finance Gala 2018

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Bento Field Service 2.0 was designated the winner of the ”e-Service” section at the annual e-Finance Gala 2018

Bucharest, 31.01.2019 – Bento, a specialized company for custom software development , was designated the winner of the “e-service” section in the annual e-Finance Gala, for the development of the new version of the 2.0 Bento field Service Management application, dedicated to service and utility companies, with distributed working teams. 

The 14th e-Finance event has become a milestone in the industry market agenda, a milestone with well-honors the most ambitious, inspired, complex and innovative projects in the area of IT&C and financial-banking convergence in the previous year.

“A few years ago we designed and developed the Bento field Service Management application, a 100% Romanian application, to increase the efficiency of dispatch operations to assign work to teams of technicians distributed in the field depending on their location, their skills, and equipment’s. The application is already installed in many leading companies in Romania, which confirms that we have successfully met their needs. The Bento Field Service Management 2.0 version, launched late last year, came as a natural response both to the growing needs of the field service market in various industries such as telecom, gas and oil, construction, energy, financial-banking, utilities, and as a response to industry trends identified by different analysts and to market demands that we had to align with quickly.” – Radu Scarlat, General Manager, Bento.

With the new version of the application, Bento provides innovative business and service companies with the role of providing the highest-level service that meets customers’ growing expectations. Application integration with new technologies and software architectures such as microservices, .net Core, Angular 6, ElasticSearch has been considered essential to provide long-term high-quality service to end customers.

“As today the demand to do more with less is always present and is amplified by the constant evolution of technologies, the operational efficiency of service teams it’s a must. Changes are no longer the exception, but a constant part of the business, and so, in order to respond rapidly to the changing needs and vision of customers. The increased agility of the application was also a requirement that was considered in the development of the new version of the application” – Radu Scarlat, General Manager, Bento.

Bento Field Service 2.0 is much more agile, allowing application administrators to make quick configuration changes without the need for developers to intervene and dispatchers to view information on field distributed teams (positioning, status, inventory, etc.), recorded and scheduled orders in real time, on the map, providing an overview of the entire activity as well as the ability to manage and scale resources (material and human) more efficiently and quickly.

The Bento field Service Management has already been chosen and implemented by a number of medium and large companies, including: APA Nova Bucharest a Veolia company, E.ON – “servicii pentru acasa” as well as at Adrem Invest in a project with DEL Gaz, the former eON distribution, but also in a project of reading and replacing meters, currently being implemented at distribution Oltenia, former CEZ distribution. For more information about the Bento field Service 2.0 application, please visit