Bento is launching the new Bento Field Service Management

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Bento is launching the new Bento Field Service Management

Bucharest, 22 November 2018 – Bento, a custom software development company, announces a new version of the Bento Field Service Management solution, dedicated to services and utilities companies using locally deployed field operator teams

Bento Field Service Management is a solution chosen by several Romanian companies. It  now comes with a entirely new design, with features to support users, and a more intuitive and more user-friendly interface.

The core Bento Field Service Management app was designed to help optimize work order assignments to field technicians based on their location, their competencies and the equipment and stocks available to them.

According to studies published by Gartner, by the year 2020, 75% of Field Service companies with more than 50 field technicians will install mobile apps that go beyond simple data collection, but have extra functionalities to help solve problems and increase the efficiency of the work orders assigned.

Bento has developed a new version of the field service application, in order to be in line with these new trends and to be able to respond best to client needs and market demands. The previous version was already implementation by existing clients, convinced of the added value that Bento Field Service Management can bring to their daily business.

The new version of Bento Field Service Management allows app administrators to make quick changes to its configurations without the need for developer intervention. This allows system administrators to create new types of work orders and work order execution scenarios. Office users (dispatchers) can view the real-time map showing the field technicians teams, along with the status of each team (available, en route, under execution, break time, etc.). Also, for each team, users can view the position of the works scheduled in the near future on the map.

It is now easier for dispatchers to assign urgent work orders or new work orders that require travel time to the most appropriate team – closest and available – using drag-and-drop in gant in the free time interval displayed in the calendar, and drag-and-drop in buffer when a work order is assigned to the waiting list of an intervention team.

Technicians are able to work more intuitively on the basis of execution scenarios and execution steps defined in the back-office and displayed on their mobile devices. This ensures that the highest percentage of settled work orders, as early as the first intervention and that the information collected in the field is accurately and completely recorded in the system, so that it can be used as reference for the future interventions.

The mobile app for technicians is configured to allow issuing or printing certain documents (contracts, invoices, intervention sheets, estimates, warranties), to automatically collect information specific to the type of work performed, to take and store photos from intervention sites directly on the mobile device, thus facilitating and streamlining the overall work of the technicians.

In addition, the new version of the mobile app used by field technicians allows optimizing routes depending on scheduled work orders and GPS coordinates or addresses.

Interfacing Bento Field Service Management with SAP or any other ERP system allows automatic takeover of work orders received from clients or generated manually, and displaying them in real time in the screen dedicated to dispatchers, to ensure that they are viewed and assigned effortlessly to competent teams. Also, the results of the fieldwork is transferred back to ERP, thus eliminating the need for manual operation.

According to the Field Service Management Market Analysis, the size of the global Field Service Management market was valued at USD 1,725.8 million in 2016 and it is expected to grow with approximately 10% due to the growing number of field operations in different industries such as telecom, oil & gas, construction, energy & utilities and others. Each year, we notice an increase in the number of requests for Field Service solutions, which confirms that there is  real potential to increase our market share, but also to position ourselves as one of the most respected providers of field service solutions on the local market. To keep up with new trends and to meet with our clients’ needs while staying a step ahead of our competitors, we decided to develop a new version of the Bento Field Service app. The new interface, as well as its many features, enable companies to have a real-time overview of the activity of field teams and to intervene quickly to adjust performance indicators that ultimately ensure the company’s profitability. – Radu Scarlat, General Manager, Bento Romania.

Bento Field Service Management was already chosen and implemented by a number of medium and large-sized companies, including: Apa Nova Bucharest, SEA Complete and Adrem Invest in a project with DEL Gaz – formerly eON Distributie – and as part of a meter reading and meter replacement project, currently undergoing implementation at Distributie Oltenia – formerly CEZ Distributie.

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