Bento is launching the new Mobile Device Management

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Bento is launching the new Mobile Device Management

Bucharest, 04.03.2020 – Bento, a company specialized in software development custom and in consultancy, launches the Bento Mobile device Management application to automate the configuration of mobile devices within the company and relieve them of the care of their management. 

Bento Mobile Device Management is designed to give the enterprise workforce the power of mobility, without compromising on company data security or productivity. The app allows easy management of smartphones and tablets running Android and Windows systems, as well as devices with Linux Raspberry PI.

The global MDM market is expected to grow by around 23% compared to 2018, which is why the need for more efficient management of mobile fleets and data security is increasing.

Bento Mobile Device Management helps to set mobile devices to self-pilot easily.

The management platform allows a centralized 360-degree view of the status of mobile devices configured on the system. This sets the terminal in “Kiosk Mode” which allows field teams to have access only to the applications and functionalities agreed within the company to prevent security breaches, increase productivity among users, but also reduce maintenance time.

The Bento Mobile Device Management application was designed to support those companies that have a large number of mobile users, making it easier to enroll and configure them automatically, such as: patch installation, create and manage user accounts, automatic collection of stored data, version updates, and allocation of access rights based on the user’s role within the company. In the event of theft or loss of mobile devices, they can be remotely shut down or deleted without compromising the security of the company’s data.

The rapid growth of the number of mobile devices used in the daily activities of companies that have distributed employees on the field, the difficulty of centralized management of the latter, together with constant concern about the security of critical data, are among the main factors that led us to develop this application and offer it both as a standalone application and as a module in other Bento products. The application is designed to facilitate centralized installation, management and monitoring of mobile devices, and automation of many activities, thus increasing user and hence business productivity” – Radu Scarlat, General Manager at Bento.

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