Canah chooses Bento Food Manufacturing to optimise food production

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Canah chooses Bento Food Manufacturing to optimise food production

Bucharest, 21 June 2018 – Bento – a company specialized in developing turnkey software applications – has implemented its Bento Food Manufacturing solution at Canah. The app includes mobile device extensions, to enable real-time access to relevant production-related indicators for the entire management team.

Bento Food Manufacturing is a professional solution, which features all modules required to track and plan food production processes in medium-sized or large companies, with more than 100 employees. The app supports integration with machinery specific to the food industry and allows calibration of production capacity with client orders.

Through its Production Tracking module, it enables automated collection and real-time processing of production data by connecting to specific machinery, thus facilitating traceability of information regarding: the amount of raw and semi-processed materials used, the number of finished products, working time, stand-by time, down time, or the status of raw material stocks.

The Production Planning module provides a comprehensive overview of the areas in which processes can be optimized – from planning of the necessary materials, to optimization of routes within production facilities. This way, Bento Food Manufacturing contributes significantly to balancing and increasing the production volume of the plant, reducing production time and minimizing unreasonable losses.

To maximize profitability, food producers must have a detailed understanding of the costs of producing and processing each product. For this reason, Bento Food Manufacturing features a Cost Calculation module, based on the activities of the production process. This allows production managers and financial managers to understand the cost pertaining to each activity, but also all components of the total costs of a product, thus providing a comprehensive financial overview.

The Back-Office module ensures trace ability of the origin and processing of all raw materials used in the production process. The interface between the ERP module and the production process enables automatic collection and storage of the data in the system and generating the supply requisition form and the receipt forms.

The app can generate more than 20 pre-defined reports, which deliver a real-time, detailed overview of the entire production flow of a company.

“The app allows us to monitor the production flow 24/7 – anytime, anywhere. It provides me with the information I need in real time in order to take the right decisions and to improve operational efficiency within the production flow.” Lourand Kertmegi,  Technical Manager at Canah.

“Bento Food Manufacturing helps you increase your efficiency and allows you to think of plenty of other things aside from how to calculate productivity. As soon as Canah implemented this tool, it had the freedom to think of predictability scenarios, such as ‘What if to optimize costs, through a variety of scenarios taking into account internal or external factors – such as salary increases or increases in the price of raw materials.” Dan Giusca, Software Architect at Bento.

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