SEA Complet (eON Asist Complet) turns to Bento for the modernization of its IT infrastructure

SEA Complet (eON Asist Complet) turns to Bento for the modernization of its IT infrastructure



The Challenge

SEA Complet (now: eON Asist Complet) is a joint venture between E.ON Romania and Adrem Invest in the field of gas meter reading and equipment inspection. With a turnover of EUR 10 mil and 510 employees in 2016, SEA Complet (now: eON Asist Complet) provides services in 22 Romanian counties. Given its coverage and an increasing demand on the energy market, SEA Complet required a modern, flexible and scalable IT infrastructure, to support the accelerated growth of the business.

The Solution

SEA Complet (now: eON Asist Complet) selected Bento to develop their IT infrastructure project. Following the business analysis and the needs analysis, Bento agreed on the development of an integrated IT system, in two stages, to serve more than 500 employees in the 22 counties, in just 6 months. The two stages of the project consisted of preparing the datacenter infrastructure, delivering and configuring the end-user infrastructure, as well as implementing apps specific to a company targeting a very broad range of customers (ERP, Active Directory, E-mail, telefonie VoIP) The development relied on IaaS type cloud-based technologies as hardware support for critical applications (ERP, Active Directory, Cisco Call Manager) and SaaS solutions for collaborative solution (MS Office 365), which covers all e-mail related needs, as well as all calendar related, task related, file related and server document management related needs (Sharepoint 2013 cloud-based). In the case of critical applications, the following solutions were used: Charisma ERP and Charisma HR for the management of enterprise resources and human resources, Microsoft Active Directory for directory services and Cisco Call Manager for the implementation of VoIP telephony. Also, the recommended end-user infrastructure consisted of HP computers (Laptops, Desktops) and Cisco phones with VOIP support. Recurring and proactive technical support and maintenance services were provided for this solution, based on a Business Critical SLA for all critical applications.


The access to modern infrastructure increase communication and collaboration at employee level, provided the management with access to critical information and increased agility in decision-making. These solutions were implemented quickly, without interruptions, which enabled the employees to experience interaction with the new technologies, without any reasons to reject and resist the change. Currently, aside from aggregating IT costs on a single invoice, operating costs have been reduced significantly for SEA Complet (now: eON Asist Complet).