McCann chooses Bento to optimize media budgets

McCann chooses Bento to optimize media budgets


The Challenge

With operations in 120 countries and over 20,000 employees, McCann is one of the world’s largest advertising and marketing services conglomerates. Globally, the Group owns the FutureBrand branding agency, the total brand experience agency Momentum WorldWide, the digital and direct marketing agency MRM/McCann, and the media planning and acquisition agency Universal McCann. Universal McCann plays a critical role at group level, because in the advertising industry the biggest challenges are setting the communication channels, defining the audience, choosing exposure formats, negotiating budgets, and defining timing of campaigns depending on the client’s business objectives – all to ensure smart exposure, based on information, to maximize the efficiency of marketing budgets. These were also the challenges that the Romanian branch of Universal McCann was faced with. The company scouted the market and chose Bento to develop a customized software solution to help manage media budgets more efficiently.

The Solution

To carry out this project, Bento allocated a team of 6 developers, while also providing the necessary support to define system architecture, testing and project management. After a detailed needs analysis conducted together with client’s team and following the drafting of the specifications, Bento succeeding in less than 8 months to deliver a robust and comprehensive solution, which manages all marketing budgets handled by the Agency. Furthermore, the application is linked to the client’s Financial Department. Therefore, the client’s budgets are tracked in real time within the application, which automatically correlates audience information with predefined objectives, while billing is carried out automatically.

The product uses sets of DevExpress controls for modern functionalities, with user-friendly interfaces, as well as Microsoft’s Click Once technology for automatic installation of updates and reduction of administration costs.


Thanks to this solution, McCann poses all information necessary for planning, execution and improvement of efficiency for media campaign budgets.