Set your mobile devices on Autopilot!

Get rid of the stress of having to constantly manage your mobile devices by automating the mobile device configuration process in your company!

Bento Mobile Device Management allows both remote administration and configuration of mobile devices, as well as setting use limitations, otherwise than the initial provisions. The application is a fleet management solution for companies using Android, Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi devices, which allow automatic adding and configuration of new devices enrolled in the network, such as: patch installation, creation and management of user accounts, stored data collection, updates, access rights and more.

The application works both online and offline. Data synchronisation is carried immediately after it is reconnected to the network.

BENTO MDM features two modules:

  • Administration Platform¬†dedicated to (fixed & mobile) device fleet managers
  • Mobile Application dedicated to users using (fixed & mobile) devices distributed in the field.


Deploy – Manage – Monitor

Automatic management

Kiosk mode restricts user access and enables centralized and automated management of existing applications and functionalities on the fleet of mobile devices integrated into the platform

Automated onboarding

The absence of configuration processes facilitates enrolment of new users. The app automatically sets the configuration according to user roles and types of activity.

Advanced security

Security features, such as password management and security audits, ensure that mobile devices are fully protected from data leaks and unauthorised access. In the case of a device is lost or stolen, remote locking and deletion of the data is possible, to avoid information leaks.


Audits the functioning in optimal parameters (CPU, RAM, storage, data traffic, battery, temperature, etc.) of the devices on which the application runs in order to increase productivity.




  • Viewing all details about existing/ configured tablets in the system;
  • Automatic configuration and installation of apps that will be displayed on mobile tablets;
  • Managing Bento MDM users and Bento MDM BackOffice users;
  • Displaying usage and localization reports for each tablet;
  • Managing updates of the Bento MDM application on the tablet;
  • OTA (Over The Air) enrolment of tablets by QR code scanning;
  • Automatic enrollment of fixed or mobile devices;
  • Automatically alerts when identifying error-generating devices.

allows field teams

  • Automatic synchronisation when the app runs in offline mode and goes into online mode;
  • Displaying only apps and functionalities approved by the administrator (WIFI, camera, flashlight, computer, GPS activation, etc.);
  • User and password login (optional);
  • Simplified management of updates to Bento MDM apps version on the tablet.


Full patch management

Automatic installations and automatic app updates

Login based on credentials

Smart inventory of mobile devices

Easily identify errors

Remote locking and wiping of mobile devices