Bento delivers the fastest and more secure automation of any IT infrastructure

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Bento delivers the fastest and more secure automation of any IT infrastructure

Bucharest, 18 May 2018 – Bento, a Romanian company with an experience of over 10 years in delivering IT infrastructures, provides automation and standardization of complex computer systems for expanding companies. Bento Infrastructure Automation is a service package that enables auditing of the entire computer system, validation of compliance with IT standards and improvement of existing processes through fast code overlay, both at computer system level as well as for servers and applications. Based on powerful tools such as CHEF or PUPPET, the service enables organizations to integrate critical applications quickly, to implement new departmental processes, or to ensure compliance of the IT infrastructure with company standards, through a single, automated, centralized platform.

Some of the benefits of the Bento Infrastructure Automation service include:

  • quick, automated configuration of the existing IT infrastructure and of the internal computer systems
  • significant cost reduction with regard to costs generated by IT system configuration in view of the standards in force;
  • automated configurations of access rights in the network and in certain systems
  • periodic auditing of compliance with company standards
  • real-time correction of deviations from existing standards

“With the automation tools we are creating networks at the level of computer systems, servers or applications, within optimal security parameters. Through the Service Infrastructure Automation service, we wish to support expanding companies and to simplify repetitive, time-consuming activities, such as manual updates, application configurations, access rights, pack installations at server or workstation level, while at the same time eliminating any human error.” – Radu Scarlat -General Manager, Bento Romania.

Bento Infrastructure Automation Package was implemented in numerous projects and has been seen as a key component of Bento’s IT infrastructure services. For more details on this product, please visit