Bento Granar 2018. Efficient grain storage management

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Bento Granar 2018. Efficient grain storage management

Bucharest, 22 March 2018. Bento, one of the most well-known providers of grain storage and management solutions, has announced the launch of Bento Granar 2018.

Preparing the spring campaign has a significant impact in obtaining the harvest and, implicitly, gaining profit. Planning and carrying out the operations – starting from preparation of agricultural machinery – increases chances of achieving production goals, and, thus, gaining profit by the farmers. On the other hand, the problems that arise with regard to storage of agricultural products inevitably lead to their depreciation. Therefore, the main objective during storage is to preserve initial quantitative and qualitative value.

Bento Bento Granar is a powerful software solution, perfectly adapted to the Romanian legislation, which tracks all specific processes of reception, laboratory, grading, sieving, drying, fumigation, ventilation, storage and delivery. Through integration with grain moisture analysers and granolysers, the grain is automatically graded based on its characteristics, thus eliminating all manual work, which is both expensive and time-consuming. Integration with truck or rail weighing scales enables improved speed of registration and issue of the scale ticket, as well as rapid entry of item properties in the lab.

DSilos owners can easily track all required legal documents, from the creation of the Supporting Administrative Document, to billing of specific storage operations. Thanks to its advanced contract management module, Bento Granar automatically issues monthly invoices, in consideration of storage days and conditions.
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