Bento Granar provides real-time data about silo stocks

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Bento Granar provides real-time data about silo stocks

Bucharest, 24 May 2018 – The Bento Granar Solution provides our partners with real-time data on the quality and quantity of grain stored in silos, visibly increasing their confidence in the services delivered by Warehouse Management Service Providers.

Bento Granar is a software solution developed together with Siloz Carani – the largest logistics hub for agricultural products in Western Romania. It tracks all specific grain-related processes: reception, laboratory, grading, sieving, drying, fumigation, ventilation, storage and delivery. Bento Granar provides our silo-affiliated partners with real-time data on the amount of grain stored, grain type, quality, storage costs, handling costs or transport costs. The application ensures total transparency of the transactions in silos, each type of cereal having predefined qualities required for qualitative and quantitative monitoring – from receipt to delivery.

Bento Granar is perfectly adapted to the specific management processes in silos and is designed to simplify and automate all operations and management operations concerning the storage of grain in silos. Therefore, all necessary legal documents can be easily tracked – from drafting of the Supporting Administrative Document to billing specific storage operations. Through the advanced contract management module, the product issues automatic monthly invoices, in consideration of the duration and conditions of storage.

“Grain management is carried out according to special laws, and the legislative requirements in the field are very strict. The operations are highly sensitive, since they involve large amounts of data and numerous transfers, and Bento Granar has succeeded in integrating and managing them efficiently. The application gives us instant access to data, allowing our clients to receive a daily morning report of the grain stored in the Carani silo: quality of grain, level of moisture, incoming and outgoing grain, which quickly increases their confidence in the services we provide.” – Dan Dolghin, General Director, Carani Silo.

“Bento Granar assists us in terms of quality control in the metal and concrete cells, equally helping us decrease our energy consumption for ensuring optimal humidity by up to 20%” – Sergiu Serban, Commercial Director, Carani Silo.

The Bento Granar Application:

  • It provides information quick and comprehensive information concerning the place of storage, consignment batch, grain type and characteristics.
  • It allows automatic grading of grain by integration with specific lab equipment.
  • It manages to achieve reduction of foreign materials in sieving processes and moisture reduction in drying processes and records natural drying.
  • It allows mixing several compatible batches of the same item in the same cell, in pre-set conditions, thus achieving homogeneity of the batches
  • It automatically calculates perishability during storage, handling and transport, in accordance with applicable laws

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