Bento Granar the ideal software application for silo management

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Bento Granar the ideal software application for silo management

Bucharest, 07.02.2019 – Bento Granar application offers to silos owners the information necessary for efficient management of silos and, hence, for the success of agricultural campaigns. Developed together with Siloz Carani (SIFI TM Agro), the largest logistics hub for agricultural products in western Romania, with a storage capacity of 170,000 tons and a reception / delivery capacity of 5,000 tons per day, Bento Granar provides real-time quality data, regarding the quantity and origin of cereals stored in such a way that they can be traded easily. 

Granar was designed to store and provide, by a few clicks, information on contracts concluded, management records and also to automatically issue monthly invoices to grain suppliers, taking into account the days, the storage conditions and conformity analyzes carried out on cereals during their transit in silos.

Bento Granar has proven to be the ideal solution for efficient management of silos and cereal stocks, providing valuable information enabling traders to quickly market them in a highly dynamic market. The application automatically tracks and records all specific cereals management and storage processes in accordance with Romanian legislation. Integration with granomates and granolysers within silos as well as with road or rail transport scales allows for the framing, recording, rapid issuance of scales and thus the correct trading of cereals.

“The success of the spring campaigns lies in the effective preparation of land already in the autumn and continues with the work on fertilization and the supply of quality cereals. Most of the problems facing farmers are the difficulty of obtaining supplies of quality seed, since in most cases, poor storage inevitably results in a qualitative impairment and thus in crop compromise and a drop in the price of trading on the cereal exchange. For this reason, the primary objective of silos holders throughout the period of cereals storage is to maintain their initial quantitative and qualitative values. Granar has been developed as a comprehensive solution for efficient silos management, easy to implement and adapted to the specific flows desired by individual silos owners so that the quality of the grain does not change.” Dan Giusca, Software architect Bento.

The Granar application visibly contributes to controlling the quality of cereals stored in the metal and concrete cells, while also reducing the energy costs used in the optimum moisture-storage processes.

Now, silos holders have real-time information on:

  • The type of cereals, place of storage, transport lot and their properties.
  • Automatic grading of cereals by integration with specific laboratory devices.
  • Full traceability of the quality of the batches of cereals by recording the input analysis and the exit analysis ticket.
  • The scales, receipt or delivery BCA issued automatically, and stock situations by batch or by grade.
  • Monthly invoices issued automatically under contracts and notifications on due dates.

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