Bento Granar – the ideal solution for the success of the fall farming season!

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Bento Granar – the ideal solution for the success of the fall farming season!

Bucharest, 23 august 2018 – Bento, a company specializing in solutions dedicated to farmers, comes to the aid of silos owners with the Bento Granar application. Developed together with Silloz Carani – the largest logistics hub for agricultural products in western Romania – Bento Granar offers real-time data on the quality, quantity and origin of stored cereals. In addition, the solution also provides information about contracts concluded and invoices issued during transit through the silos.

Romania’s grain storage capacity has grown by 34% over the past 5 years, reaching 23.3 million tons a year. We also saw a rise in investments in storage spaces. This was a result of increasing demand from both grain producers and traders. The need for warehouse management software applications emerged as a natural consequence of the large volume of grain traded in silos during agricultural seasons, but also due to the legislation in force.

Bento Granar is a comprehensive, modern, and easy-to-implement software solution that tracks and records all processes specific to the storage of grain in silos: reception, laboratory, grading, sieving, drying, fumigation, aeration, storage and delivery. Through integration with granomates and granolyzers, the entire process of grain grading is automated based on grain properties. The solution has a pre-set list of items to facilitate this process: wheat, corn, feed barley, malted barley, triticale, sorghum, soy, rapeseed, yellow beans, sunflower, durum wheat.

Depending on the type of silo and its location – either near road or railway junctions – Bento Granar can be easily integrated with specific weighing tools, to allow faster recording and issuing of the scale ticket, as well as quick introduction of the properties of the items in the laboratory.

Thanks to this app, silos owners can easily track all required legal documents, from the creation of the Supporting Administrative Document, to automatic billing of specific storage operations. In addition, traders can view the real-time status of the stocks: the quality of the grain, the degree of moisture, the input and output quantities.

When we developed Bento Granar, we considered all the challenges that silos owners face during transit of cereals in silos. After a complex analysis of the entire process – from entry to exit –  we developed a comprehensive application with an interface that is easy to use. Using Bento Granar, Siloz Carani was able to access grain data in real-time and to deliver accurate data to its clients concerning the stocks stored in the silo. – Dan Giusca, Software Architect Bento.

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