Bento is going public on the AeRO market and contributes to the consolidation of the IT sector on the local capital market

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Bento is going public on the AeRO market and contributes to the consolidation of the IT sector on the local capital market

Bento – Intellectually Curious (2B Intelligent Soft), a Romanian entrepreneurial company founded in 2004,  specialized in developing and implementing software solutions and delivering IT and Cloud infrastructure services, debuted today, March 16, on Bucharest Stock Exchange’s AeRO market under the BENTO stock ticker. It is the sixth company listed since the beggining of this year as well as the twelfth company in the IT sector that has been listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange since 2019 so far. The listing of Bento shares takes place after a hybrid private placement, through which the company sold both new and existing shares for RON 12.5mn.

‘The listing on the stock exchange is a moment of major importance for every company. We are always happy with the openness of Romanian entrepreneurs, who have built relevant businesses in their sector of activity, towards the stock market and the financing mechanisms through the capital market. Bento’s debut on the AeRO market strengthens the IT sector’s presence on the stock market and is also an opportunity to diversify the portfolios for investors. We already have six new companies on Bucharest Stock Exchange since the beginning of this year, along with the four bond issues, companies that attracted financing worth RON 152.4mn’, said Radu Hanga, Bucharest Stock Exchange President.

‘We are glad that as of today we are part of the Romanian capital market. We thank investors for the trust placed in the company and our development plans, and we convey to future shareholders that we are ready to deliver the expected returns. Bento is a company with an organic growth, over the years constant investments have been carryed out in the development of our own software products and the quality of services provided by our teams. Every year we have managed to expand and diversify our client portfolio, as well as to increase revenues at a consistent pace. Our goal is to continue to grow, expand our international presence, and strengthen our own key products, such as Bento Field Service Management or Bento Mobile Device Management. Therefore, we are confident that along with our investors and shareholders in the capital market, we will be able to carry out our development plans’, said Radu Scarlat, Bento – Intellectually Curious President.

Bento carried out a private placement of shares on November 25, 2021, in which 103 investors participated, out of which 11 qualified investors and 92 retail investors. The company sold 400,000 new shares and 497,633 existing shares, at a price of RON 14 per share. The amount raised by the company for the sale of new shares will be used to accelerate the development of own products as well as new sales channels in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. The private placement and the listing were carryed out with TradeVille’s support.   

‘It is a joy for us to see today, through the listing of BENTO shares, the culmination of a special project. It marks another innovation for the Romanian capital market in which TradeVille is involved as a broker. The success of this hybrid operation is a proof both inspiration of our partners from 2B Intelligent Soft, the issuer of shares, and of the special capacity of TradeVille’s team to complete a new premiere for the Romanian capital market. We are fortunate to have such corporate clients who give us the confidence and inspiration that are crucial for carrying out such a project. We thank them, the investors and all those who were involved in the smooth running of the operation. Good luck to all!’, said Ovidiu-George Dumitrescu, CFA, TradeVille Deputy CEO.

At the end of last year, the company had over 70 employees and contractors and had a diversified portfolio of clients consisting of multinational companies from Romania, USA and Switzerland. In 2020, Bento had a turnover of RON 15.3mn and a net profit of RON 1.9mn. According to the information published in the Memorandum, Bento estimates for 2021 a turnover of RON 27mn and a net profit of RON 4.6mn. Most of Bento’s revenue comes from companies active in energy, FMCG and utilities, about 70%, while the remaining 30% is revenue from companies operating in telecommunications, health, agriculture, IT, media, food industry, distribution, transport and services.