Plan optimal routes and reduce delivery time with Bento Field Service Management

Bento Field Service allows you to manage the activity of your field resources efficiently and in real time. This solution will help you plan optimal routes and anticipate the exact delivery time, while allowing you to bring last-minute changes, in line with employee preferences and with employment legislation. Efficient resource planning is a critical factor when service delivery is carried out by workforce distributed across the country.

Operational benefits

Increase of employee productivity by 10%

Decrease of travel time by up to 60%

It enables service delivery within a maximum of 2h


Routes on map

View the daily routes in real time and
assign tasks based on proximity of resources.

Working time management

Check the number of hours worked and related costs in real time


Schedule, assign and reassign activities to field teams
using simple functionalities like ‘drag & drop’.

Quick planning

Create works, choose locations/customers, assign optimal teams, in just a few clicks

GPS location

Monitor the status and location of the teams in real time.

Field works 

Access all work-specific forms using any mobile device


Stay up-to-date with your business using the 20 types of pre-defined reports.


Issue your invoices quickly, through a customizable billing process, perfectly adapted to on-site needs.


Monitor stocks of the field time in real time.

The most powerful utility companies in Romania are using Bento Field Service Management