Increase the productivity of your intervention teams by up to 40% using Bento Field Service Management

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Increase the productivity of your intervention teams by up to 40% using Bento Field Service Management

Bucharest, 17 April 2018 – Bento, a custom software development company, has announced a new version of the Bento Field Service Management solution, dedicated to services and utilities companies which use field teams deployed at local level.

Bento Field Service Management allows savings of up to 30% on fuel costs by optimizing routes, significant reduction of the intervention time, increased customer satisfaction by providing them with an accurate indication of the intervention time, increased employee efficiency, as well as accurate filling of company-specific documentation. The solution allows smart, last-minute change of routes, taking into account the skills and availability of the employees and their equipment.
The functionalities of Bento Field Service Management include real-time display of daily itineraries and allocation of tasks according to proximity of resources, optimization of the structure of intervention teams depending on the type of works, as well as real-time access to work-specific forms using devices connected to the Internet. GPS tracking allows dispatchers to monitoring the deployment of the field teams and their allocation by intervention type. The solution integrates functionalities such as: verification of hours worked, automatic calculation of costs, automatic billing of services, real-time tracking of inventory held by field teams, but also proactive planning for the following period. All information is available in real time, on an intuitive central control panel.

“In recent years, any company in the field of services has been looking up to Amazon or Uber, which introduced disruptive technologies for taking orders, decreased delivery time, and customer service at the highest standards. Now, all clients are demanding speed, visibility, customization, real-time communication, with limitless possibilities for evaluating the quality of the service provided. For service providers, whether we are talking about utility companies – such as water, electricity, gas, telecommunications – delivery companies, rapid response companies or insurance companies, these things are no longer possible without modern software solutions. This is how Bento Field Service Management was born” Dan Giusca, Chief Software Architect.”

Bento Field Service Management has already been chosen and implemented by a number of medium and large-sized companies, including: Oltenia Distributie (former CEZ Distributie), Apa Nova, SEA (eOn Services for Homes), Electrica Transilvania Sud, Enel, or Adrem Invest. For more information about the benefits and functionalities of the solution, please visit